Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My first post

I guess this is the hardest moment in the life of a blogger. My first post.

To begin with, my special thanks to Lindsay Clandfield who convinced all of us attending his workshop in Budapest that starting up a blog is a piece of cake :)

As I'm in the middle od doing my DELTA my posts might be few and far between but I will definitely write something twice a week to keep it alive (not sure if it's going to be Monday and Thursday though :)

My key interest is teaching English to Young Learners (aged 7-9) i.e. the ones who have just learnt to read and write. In my view, not enough is being written or taught to help teachers deal with them and I'm planning to change it. Hence this blog will be my place for sharing ideas and raising questions that I hope will get answered.

So, off we go!

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