Monday, October 26, 2009

Getting the students’ attention

YL classes tend to be noisy by definition so raising your voice or shouting has a poor chance of success. Instead, try some of the alternative ways presnted below. Not only will you save your throat but you will bring some fun to the classroom as well.

Traditional ways of getting students’ attention:

• Raising your voice or shouting BE QUIET! (not recommended)

Turning on and off the light

Clapping hands

Opening and closing the door

• Going to a particular area of the classroom defined earlier as ‘the silence area’ or ‘you are too loud so be quiet now’

Alternative ways:

• Use sound making objects: trumpets, whistles, bells, rattles, toy guns making sounds

• Set an alarm clock which will buzz when the activity comes to an end

• Play a piece of music, turn on the radio for a few seconds

• If you use background music, pausing the sound should automatically initiate a moment of silence

• Start singing a song

• Say – if you can hear me Stand up!, Raise your hands! Some students will hear you and do what they are told, the rest should notice and follow as well

• Start counting loud to 10/20

• Play the King of Silence Game. Tell students that the one who can remain quiet for the longest period of time will be the winner

If you have better ideas, feel free to contribute!!!

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