Wednesday, October 28, 2009

10 words a foreigner teaching English in Turkey should know

Inspired by Lindsay Clandfield’s blog I have decided to write ten key words and phrases a foreigner teaching English in Turkey should be familiar with as she/he will hear them millions of times every day:

·        YABANCI (that is you – the foreigner)
·        SUS (meaning: be quiet or simply shut up!; the most useful of all words gathered here I guess)
·        YARAMAZ (naughty – very easy to memorize as appropriate contexts are always at hand)
·        HOCAM (again you – meaning: my master, my teacher; a word used primarily by lise /high school/ students; kids at primary school will call you ÖĞRETMENIM)
·        HADI (something like come on!, variations include HADI YAAA, HADI BEEE or HADI BYE, BYE. The last one always heard when someone finishes talking on the phone)
·        GÜZEL (beautiful, nice, delicious, good – used to describe basically everything you like or enjoy; word that is heard all the time. A variation would be ÇOK GÜZEL, çok /read as the English word chalk/ meaning very or a lot)
·        ANLAMADIM (meaning: I don’t understand; why use the past tense suffix then?)
·        SINIF (classroom) that I always confuse with SINAV (exam)
·        OTUR! (said angrily usually works – sit down!)
·        oOOOo (an expression with rising and falling intonation used to express exaggeration and my personal favourite)

O zaman, hadi let's start learning Türkçe arkadaşlar :)))

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