Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ten Blogs

I simply hate duplicating patterns and doing the same things other people do.
Yet what I’ve been doing here has been appreciated by people I both like and respect so I have no choice but to thank them and follow suit :)

I was tagged by two of my Great Men - Mike Harrison and Lindsay Clandfield and one Great Lady whom I have yet to meet - Marta Mrozik.

I wish I could choose people who tagged me but I cannot so here are the ten blogs I find worth taking a look at:

(NB I guess everyone in the blogosphere knows this and that blog so I didn't include them on purpose)
  1. Carol Read's blog
  2. Kalinago English - Karenne Sylvester's blog
  3. Good morning from... - Laura Ponting's blog
  4. Authentic Teaching - Willy C.Cardoso's blog
  5. The Lives of Teachers - Darren Elliott's blog
  6. Turklish tefl - Nick Jaworski's blog
  7. Janet's Abruzzo edublog - Janet Bianchini's blog
  8. Teaching Village - Barbara Sakamoto' blog
  9. Early EFL - Leahn Stanhope's blog
  10. Vicky Loras's blog
If you haven't checked these blogs out yet, you definitely should :)


  1. Hi Anita

    I feel greatly honoured to be included in your list of blogs above. Thank you very much indeed!


  2. Hi Anita,

    Thank you, thank you , thank you! I started the day walking the dogs at the beach and watching them play in the surf and now I've been nominated by you!

    Thank you very much,


  3. Hi Anita, thanks a bunch!
    Just saw this.
    I've stayed a bit aloof from the blogosphere lately, focusing more on the sphere onto my neck : )

    but thanks really, it's very nice to be recommended by people you would recommend!