Friday, May 18, 2012

Lyrics Training

I haven't posted anything in a while so you all might be well familiar with the website I'm going to recommend today!

Lyrics Training is a perfect site for both teachers and students who can practise listening while enjoying their favourite songs. And it's not just karaoke!

First, there as many as seven different languages to choose from, which means it's not only for EFL/ ESL students.

Once you decide on a song, you'll also be told what kind of, in this case, English that song is sung in - British, Canadian, Australian etc.

The next stage is choosing the level - beginner, intermediate or expert (not recommended as you'll have to fill up all the words!) and... off you go!

What I absolutely love about that site is that while you're supposed to fill the gaps, the song stops automatically and waits for you to do the job. And in case you feel the need to listen to a particular line again, no problem!

Just click the help button at the bottom and learn how to do it.

Simple and easy and totally free!

I used Lyrics Training as a warmer and at the end of my class with teenagers as a reward :)
We have overhead projectors and IWBs in every classroom so it was possible to enjoy it together in class. You may want to, however, set listening to a particular song as homework.

Now, we all know that gap filling is outdated and mechanical but if you listen to a song you like and learn something at the same time, things can't go wrong!

My students loved the site and I hope yours will find it useful too!

Have fun!


  1. This site is fun and I've tried a couple of songs to practise my German - it's quite tough though when you aren't familiar with the song.

  2. I know!
    That's why, I guess, it's good idea to let the students choose the song :)

  3. Thank you! I'll be a frequent guest here. Lots of variety, inspiration and great ideas.

  4. It's great practice! I wonder I didn't come across this site earlier. Thanks for the info. Now, I'm going to explore your archives for other great hints.

  5. Hi, Anita! This seems like a very cool site! I love singing as well as my students. Songs are very good icebreakers and class enders. This will surely be a hit in my class.