Sunday, August 28, 2011

Where have you been?

Dear all,

I’ve been planning to blog again and/or explain my absence so many times, that, to be honest, I lost count. 

Having a blog IS like having a baby and, I ‘m very sorry for my readers and my blog – I HAVE neglected you.

The thing is – I was never planning to do so. But... it happened. Somehow.

New country, new city, new job, new working hours, new people… and a language I didn’t know (and still struggle with).

So suddenly it was either, or…

It’s a cliché to say I didn’t have time but that’s exactly what it was like. Coming home around 8 or 9 p.m. (lucky me!) definitely didn’t contribute to the success of this blog.  And at the weekend – there was so much to read and so much to catch up with that after a few weeks, I had to give up. Either do your job well or don’t do it at all.

The consequences have been grave indeed.

Apart from feeling completely left out and pretty much clueless about the most recent events and scandals of ELT, my blog has disappeared from quite a few blogrolls.
A few days ago, my Twitter account has been hacked and had it not been for Vicky Loras, I wouldn’t have even realized. That was a shock.

And me?
I’ve read, travelled a bit, tried teaching myself Spanish, made friends.

Am I happy?
Very much indeed :) But I miss Istanbul terribly.

So now what?
Having spent a year in Pamplona working for the local IH, I have recently moved to Zaragoza where I’ll also work for IH.  

Will I have time to blog?
I do hope so!

Keep your fingers crossed for me (again)!