Sunday, October 17, 2010

Virtual Round Table and...

I love conferences. I love listening to interesting people and sharing ideas. I love learning new things.

But conferences are expensive and it’s usually very difficult for a regular teacher, like myself, to attend them. Also because our employers frown at the idea of giving us a day or two off.

That’s why the Virtual Round Table Conferences are so incredibly awesome. The only thing you need is a computer with access to the Internet, some free time and willingness to learn. 

All the sessions I virtually attended last weekend were motivating, well prepared and super informative so let me thank the members of my PLN that made my participation in the conference a worthwhile experience :)


Thank you Janet for sharing so many sites and tips on how to make students enjoy learning Phrasal Verbs!

Janet Bianchini Fun with Phrasal Verbs!

Thank you Mike for showing us how to start Faceblogging!

Mike Harrison Getting some Facebook time with your colleagues

Thank you Miguel for reminding me that I have a Flip and I should get busy making good use of it!

Miguel Mendoza Flip Cameras in the ELT Classroom

Thank you Guido for the best session about Twitter I’ve ever attended – it was great to see you again!

Guido Europeaantje Twitter: Turn 140 Characters into a Virtual Staffroom

Thank you Heike, Shelly and Berni for all the hard work you put into organizing the conference.

Great, great job ladies!

Last but not least, I’ve recently realized that on the 6th of October my blog turned 1 year old
So Happy Birthday L_missbossy’s Playground!

Thank you Lindsay for the inspiring session about blogging in Budapest last year and thank you PLN for stopping by, reading and commenting! Hadn’t it been for you, I definitely would’t be here!

You may also read Barbara Sakamoto’s fantastic account of the 3rd Virtual Round Table conference here.


  1. Hi Anita

    Congratulations on your 1st blog anniversary! What a fantastic achievement. Blogging sure is an incredible way to enhance our lives and it has been great to follow your thoughts and experiences. Best of luck for the future!

    I am touched that you have mentioned me here. I am so glad that you found my Phrasal Verbs session useful - I enjoyed sharing the things that I do in my classes.

    Like you, I agree with what you have written about the amazing VRT conference - it was a fantastically well organised event.

    Take care


  2. Happy bloggiversary to you...
    Happy bloggiversary to you...
    Happy bloggiversary dear playground
    Happy bloggiversary to you.

    Dziękuję - Thank you very much for the compliment on the Twitter thing, Anita. What you didn´t say is that you don´t regularly attend sessions about Twitter, maybe? Who does?


  3. Hi Anita,

    Sometimes the most unthinkable tool can save or give live to a project. This flip video camera did it for our Venezuelan sign language course. On the other, being my first time as a presenter online I had a great time and learned a lot. Thanks for mentioning this presentation in your blog. And happy blogging anniversary!:)


  4. Anita! You are too kind =)

    It's only made really worthwhile if the great and the good like yourself are able to take part, which is why VRT is so cool! I still have a lot to catch up on, I see, so thanks for your highlights. I think catch-up is gonna have to wait til December tho (or maybe next week) - it's horrendously busy here!

    Take care!!

    Mike =)