Saturday, September 18, 2010

A very quick update

I´m terribly sorry for not posting anything in a very long while but there has been so many changes in my life that I found it difficult to catch up at times.

Anyway, as some of you may have already heard, I ended up in Pamplona, Spain.

We´ll see how things will work out here but I'm pretty positive about this experience :)

The main issue is - I have no Internet access at home so until I get it, I will have to stay away from blogging, Twitter and my PLN. I´m doing everything I can to fix this problem asap but god knows how long it´s going to last.

Who said life in Spain will be easy...

Keep your fingers crossed everyone! :)


  1. Sounds good! I was in Pamplona about 3 years agom, thought it was a lovely city. Take care and hope all goes well.


  2. Best of luck with your new life in Spain. I am sure you will enjoy the experience. Look forward to hearing more about it soon.

    Take care


  3. Hi there! Bienvenidos! We missed you at IATEFL Poland but I saw a friend of yours there and she said you were doing well. Maybe see you on the Spanish circuit soon. Congratulations on the new job, new place, new life...

  4. Wow! Sounds exciting(if a bit stressful)! Best of luck and bienvenidos a 'las Españas'!

  5. Thank you all for these kind words! :)
    Really hoping to meet you in Spain soon!