Sunday, August 8, 2010

Twitter Connecting People

Having travelled quite a lot during the past few years, I have always chosen places with rich historical past or ones that my guidebook recommended.  Since the birth of my blog and my joining Twitter  though –  there has been one more criterion that helps me plan trips.

This July, I have spent 12 wonderful days travelling around Portugal. I may have never visited Braga, hadn’t it been for Anna Pires who took her time to show me and my friends around. And how do I know Anna? From Twitter, of course!

The best thing when you travel is to meet locals and having a gang of fellow Twitterati, it has never been more fun!

One can say that people can always meet at conferences so why bother travelling around meeting folks you knows from Twitter. But conferences are not the same. People are busy, someone has a presentation, there are tons of teachers you want to talk to and little time. Meeting  in a neutral environment is a totally different ball game. You have time to talk, feel relaxed and the topics for conversation are plentiful.

Now why am I writing this?

First of all to thank Anna Pires again J

Second of all, I’m going to travel around Spain at the beginning of September (3-12.09.2010). Having spent days planning the route, me and my friend have decided to stay in Madrid for two days and then travel south to Seville, Malaga, Granada and … hmm… Murcia/ Valencia/ Toledo?

If anyone reading this is into a little get-together somewhere in Spain -  let me know! :)

With Anna and my friend Sasha in Braga :)


  1. How nice! I too had a chance to meet great tweeps at the last BrazTESOL convention, but as you said, everyone was busier than if we were just hanging out.

    Madrid is fantastic! If I were there I'd love to meet you, but I'll have just arrived in London, in case you're in London some time in the next two years let me know : )

    So, Madrid... if you're into beer you have to go to this place:
    Cerveceria La Mayor - Calle Mayor, 77
    my favorite beer there is La Trappe.

  2. Obrigada for the advice Willy!

    I'll definitely visit the place and drink the beer you recommended!

    If I'm in London by any chance, I'll let you know for sure :) Would be great to meet up!

  3. Make sure you see the only statue of the devil - El Ángel Caído in Parque Retiro. Interesting sculpture =)

    Also, you'd do best to visit Toledo on your way south, it's just to the south of Madrid.

    Mucha envidia, by the way (or 'I'm very jealous!!')

  4. Just saw the blog post! I had such great fun with you & the gals and I thank you so much for coming over for a visit. The best part of twitter is the friends, the real friends, we make! And you and the gals mean a lot to me. Have fun in Spain! Olé!

    Love & beijinho,

  5. Mike - too bad we didn't manage to meet in Portugal :(
    Thanks for the recommendations :)

    Anna - great to see you here! Can't wait to meet again :)

  6. I finally saw the need to create a Twitter account. I should have done this a long time ago.