Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Guess and win ;)

Two weeks ago my 1st graders were learning about farm animals.
I prepared a little cut and paste activity and they were all busy trying to finish as soon as possible to get a star and a hug from their teacher.

At some point a very cute little boy called U─čur placed a small, folded piece of paper in my hand. I thought it was rubbish and told him to throw it away twice.

He declined and lingered around me mumbling something in Turkish. Finally, he pulled my head down, grabbed my hand again and whispered to my ear: ‘Teacher, is hediye (gift)’.

I looked at the piece of paper and asked what it was. The boy said ‘It’s ................... ‘.

Question 1: can you guess what he created i.e what the gift actually was?

Question 2: whose face can you see in the background of the picture?

The winner of this little contest is free to claim his/ her prize J

(A guided tour around Istanbul, a dinner or a special teacher’s hug, for example ;)


  1. Clearly it's a swan.
    Is the picture John Lennon?
    (If I win, can I have all three prizes or do I have to choose one?)

  2. Thanks for responding so quickly Julian but you're wrong ;)

  3. Daniel Radcliffe AKA Harry Potter is the face.
    I was going to guess swan as well. Hmmm. Could it be a snake??

  4. You got one question right - it is Harry Potter!

    But no swan and no snake :(

    Keep on trying, get the question right and claim your prize ;)

  5. Nop :)
    Let me give you a clue - it's not an animal :)

  6. Is it a teacher?? Or a student?? Am I allowed to have more guesses??

  7. Keep on guessing! It's a lot easier than you think!

  8. Hmmm, easier than I think, you say...
    A letter 'z'???

  9. Yayyy! You did it! :D

    Claim your prize winner :)

  10. Oh that's difficult!!
    A special teacher's hug - well you're not my teacher, but if I were to ever study Polish one day (one of the many languages I'd be interested in) you might have a job ;o)
    A dinner - I know Polish food can be damn tastey, and I imagine you wouldn't offer it as a prize without being a good cook??
    I will have to go with the guided tour of Istanbul - all my Turkish students tell me I must go, so I will one day, and I'll look forward to being shown around ;o)

  11. Why am I so late??? Ehhhh... as always :(