Sunday, February 7, 2010

Some secrets revealed

Whenever I think about the big names of ELT or fellow bloggers, the only thing that comes to my mind is what they have achieved being teachers, teacher trainers or authors. There are very few things you can learn about a person behind an ELT bestseller or an amazing blog for teachers unless you’re actually friends with them. 

Obviously, in certain cases, it’s a conscious choice. Some people simply don’t want others to invade their privacy and we all have to respect that.

But I’m curious. Yeah, I know what killed the cat but can’t help it.

What are you into APART FROM teaching? What can’t you live without? What’s this something about you that not many people know?

Guess I have to come out first, so here we go:
  • I love traveling. The best gift for me is a guidebook focusing on a place I haven’t visited yet.
  • I buy tons of books and then have no time to read them.
  • I’m into films of all sorts and Pedro Almodovar is my all time favourite.
  • My childhood heroine was Anne Shirley and I dream of flying to PEI one day.
  • I’m a true fan of Harry Potter. Surely because he's an only child like me.
  • Three years ago I was working on the musical Cats with my students. Since then I’ve been a huge fan of musicals and face painting.
  • I have a collection of necklaces and had to buy special hangers to keep them.
  • I love shopping. I get crazy when I see the words SALES, DISCOUNT or SPECIAL PRICES.
  • I’ve lived by the sea all my life. Maybe that’s why my favourite sport is trekking in the mountains.
  • I always have fruit and vodka in my refrigerator. Fruit for myself, vodka for guests.
  • I definitely kiss better than I cook. Actually, I probably do everything better than that.
Why was I called l_missbossy? If you attend the Pecha Kucha night at the ISTEK conference in March, you might get a chance to find out. If not, you might try guessing now

Can't wait to hear from you! 


  1. Hi ya Anita,

    We've actually got a fun 5 things discussion kicking off in BELTfree at the moment - learning all sorts of new and wonderful things about our fellow bloggers.

    About this time last year, there was a blog-meme thing that went around which was heaps of fun and everyone had to write 7 things about themselves and then link to 7 other bloggers!

    Mine is here

    Love Pedro Almodovar too, love jewellery and have a special colour coordinated box to keep them all in... lots of fruit, no vodka but I do have sorrell flavored Rum for one day when I have someone fun to share that with (I just got it when I was last home)... and I HATE SHOPPING. With a passion. :-)

    Sorry to miss out on the revelation of why you're called Little Miss Bossy!


  2. 1. I have a small phobia of the glue on stickers
    2. I'm an avid supporter of Aston Villa football club.
    3. I love Indian food- literally love it!
    4. I'm addicted to Peep Show
    Don't worry it's nothing rude...
    5. I like books connected to the French foreign legion- I think it's the escapism that appeals.
    6. I speak French.

  3. Karenne - great to know you are an Almodovar fan as well :) Wonder which one of his films is your favourite?

    Leigh - what's the 'glue on stickers' phobia all about? I LOVE Indian food too btw!

  4. Difficult to choose and I'll try not to say Todo sobre mi madre...


    no La mala educacion

    (sorry no accents on this computer, it's a deutsch keyboard)


  5. I love Almodóvar too!!! I'd have to say my fave of his is Hable con ella - very poetic and, I believe, his first film to be focused on the blokes rather than his leading ladies.

    I just love (what I have seen of) Spain. I lived in A Coruña in Galicia and Pamplona in Navarra and had great times. I've visited el País Vasco and love it as well. I'm a devotee to pintxos (Basque tapas, but oh so much more than that). I went to Tenerife and kind of hated it.

    I keep acquiring novels but really have nowhere to keep them. I read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (Men Who Hate Women) by Stieg Larsson in 3 days.

    I've always lived in cities inland, so I think that's why I dream of living by the sea :-)


  6. Almodovar fans unite!

    I love 'Hable con ella' and couldn't fall asleep after watching it. Made me think a lot.

    'Todo sobre mi madre' was the first Almodovar movie I've seen and that's when my fascination began.

    'La mala educacion' is so shocking it leaves you speechless.

    My recent favourite is 'Kika' - it's the best comedy I've seen so far :)))